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1 box of Slender Nrg Natural Slimming Capsule

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Slender Nrg Natural Slimming Capsule:
1. No Diet, No Exercise;
2. Weight loss Guaranteed Results
Slender Nrg Natural Slimming Capsule is a dietary supplement that guarantees that you lose weight. It is designed for people that are struggling with the weight loss, no matter what they've tried. If none of the diets or exercise helped you, SLENDER NRG Slimming Capsule is the answer for you. Whether you need to lose 15 pounds, 35 pounds or more, SLENDER NRG Slimming Capsule will take care of those pounds in no time what so ever. 
Slender NRG burns fat, suppresses appetite and increases metabolism. It does not cause weight rebound or diarrhea. Slender NRG targets stored fat, which commonly occurs because of stress, or change in life style. This product has been manufactured and packaged to conform to GMP standards for potency and purity. Slender NRG slimming capsules are proven to be safe and free of side effects. 
Product Features:
1. Block Fat: helps prevent fat production;
2. Suppress Appetite: helps reduce emotional eating;
3. Manage Stress: helps decrease belly fat.
Unsuitable Group: Pregnant women ,young children ,those who suffer from peptic ulcer and ones with weak physically consutimtion are forbidden to take the product.
Suitable for: simple fat people,and those who want to keep fit
Specification: 30 capsules/bottle, 1 bottles/box ,or customize
Usage & Dosage: 1time/day, 1capsule/time (half hour before or after breakfast),Do not take more than the recommended dose.
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage: Keeping it in a cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition 
Note: This product is not a substitute for drugs.

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