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20 boxes of Wax Gourd fat reducer pills

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Wax Gourd fat reducer pills:
The new Weight Loss product and Slimming Product formula is the second generation of pure natural fruit plants extracts, to help your body weight loss fast, make you more attractive. 
Fast & efficient: Can be directly through the skin, be the fat burner, quickly to subcutaneous adipose tissue, faster than the traditional Weight Loss way, is the best supplements for Weight Loss, significant effect, is the best Slimming Capsule. 
Resistance grease rebound: Can make the cell of the dewlap parts to redistribute, rearrange. Stop your fat accumulate again, being your fat burners. 
Ingredients: melon belly liposuction factor, green tea extract, lotus leaf, cassia, hawthorn, L-carnitine, bitter melon extract.
Content: per 100g contains: Total Brass> 100mg 

Healthy Slimming and Weight Loss function: Regulating blood lipid, clear grease 
Suitable Group: Belly fat, SLimming ring waist, fat leg, nutrition surplus of obesity, overweight and obesity, postpartum fat, local fat, reduce Weight rebound many times the waist and abdomen fat people
Unsuitable Group: Not suitable for the young children, pregnant women, women in lactation and high blood pressure, and major disease amd weak; Can not be taken with any other similar drugs.
Expiration date: 24 months 
Specification: 360mg*48 pills/2bottles/box
The edible method: Twice a day, every time a grain, before or after breakfast with lukewarm water.  
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