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True & Fake

For Lida daidaihua,what is real? what is fake?
In the past,there were many versions of Lida daidaihua during different periods.
For the First Generation (original Lida daidaihua)
This is the 1st strong version with English and Chinese description,which can work very well.It was designed
for people who need to lose at least 30-35 lbs. However,Unfortunately it had been stopped since June, 2008.
You can refer to the following picture.  


For the Second Generation:
Since June,2008,the original factory had released the second generation with English -Chinese description and
a red "logo" mark at the same time.However,it can not work well at all,it was designed only for people who
to lose 10-15 lbs.On March,2009,the factory gave up it.For detail,please look at the following picture.

For the Third Generation:
On April,2009,the original factory released the third generation with English- Russian description.It was
designed for people who need to lose 20-25lbs.


For the Fourth Generation:(newest generation)
On December,2009,the original factory released the fourth generation with English description.It was designed 
for people who need to lose 20-25 lbs.This is the newest version of Lida daidaihua so far.

For the plus Generation:(Our new pack,Original formula Lida daidaihua)
Because original Lida factory had stopping producing the original Lida daidaihua since June 2008,in addition,
there were so many buyers who wanted to order Original one,Our company ,authorised by the original LiDa
manufacturers, brought out Daidaihua natral slimming capsule which had the same formula with original Lida
daidaihua.They have the same pill and the same effect in slimming.it is the real original lida daidaihua. The only
difference are their packs.Daidaihua natral slimming capsule is bottle-packed.Actually Daidaihua natral slimming
capsule is endowed with higher-quality pack which is easier to be conserved.Please refer to the following

Please Notice:
For Lida daidaihua,the fourth generation (newest version) is real,newest product.The original factory had
stopped producing other versions of Lida daidaihua long before.Nowadays,there are many other versions of
Lida found in the market,in fact they are not authentic Lida.That means,if you find the first,second,or third
generation lida daidaihua in the market now,they must be fake or the capsule had expired long before.The
Fake are added with other invalid elements, therefore can not work well at all; Or some of them can work well
but with more side effects which do more harms to people. So,please do not take them.

For 2 day diet Japan Ling diet pill,what 's real original product ?
For detail,please refer to the following description:


What's the real Meizitang ? how to distinguish the real meizitang from fake one?

There are so many fake Meizitang in market,they are cheap but do not work well.

After checking the counterfeit meizitang, we found the softgel is much darker in color and smaller in size. As
for our original meizitang, the softgel color is bright with high gloss; and it's standard 650mg per capsule.The
counterfeit meizitang is made of inferior capsule shell and thus it's much harder (if taking such material for a
long time,it may do great harm to health) and nearly cannot be pressed by fingers.As for our original meizitang
, it's pretty soft because we produce with the best capsule shell.
Moreover, the PTP material for the counterfeit meizitang is weak and thin, and thus blister packs will wrinkle
during transportation. As for our original meizitang, the PTP material is thick and blister packs will not deform
after transportation.For detail,please refer to the following picture.


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