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Lipolysis Slimming Capsule is mainly through the active ingredients achieving the purpose of losing weight, make you more slimming and charming with quickly and safely. Lipolysis Slimming Capsule contain the fat soluble factor can quickly penetrate fat cells, allowing the burning of energy conversion into ATP successful human consumption speed up the metabolic rate.
There are three main effects for this products:
1. Strengthen adipose decompose:
One capsules can decompose the equivalent of 238 grams of fat steak, let you don't have to go on a diet will easily be able to enjoy the surprise of the thin.
2. Promote fat burning:
One capsule can burn the equivalent of 20 grams of butter fat , complete burning body fat , which could make your surprise everyday. The excess fat all disappear.
3. Prevent fat synthesis every capsules can 24 hours continue work, fully blocking the absorption of fat, let your body as light as a feather, relaxed and happy mood to face life. 
Main Ingredients: Chitosan, L- carnitine, marine cellulose, garcinia rind prime etc.
Usage & Dosage: Twice a day, every time one grain
Specification: 300mg*80 capsules/box
Storage: In airproof, cool and dry condition
Shelf Life: 24months
This product is not a substitute for drugs.Not applicable for young children, pregnant women, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease patients with high blood pressure. 
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