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1 box of Puer fat burn su capsule

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Puer fat burn su capsule:
This fat burner Slimming Capsule, Weight Loss Capsule through a fat contain adipose decompose content, direct role in body fat, fast comprehensive crush stubborn fat, where fat thin, make you Weight Loss Fast, where ice hot through a fat contains the tight skin grain, can repair skin fiber fracture, gravid grain and orange lines altogether from, already can thin body and tighten skin, remove gravid grain, make you Weight Loss Fast, is the best supplements for Weight Loss, is the best Weight Loss Supplement. 
Usage & Dosage: 1time/day, 2 capsules/time
Main ingredients:
Synthetic Angle shark oil, hot pepper essential oil, VB3, oil of lacteal wood fruit, two methyl), cactus extracts, soybean different yellow 
Product efficacy:
Contain a variety of biological alkali and vitamin, through the activation fat circulation, improve free fatty acid concentration, so as to promote adipose decompose, make the extra fat to water, make your fat burn, oil spill state in vitro make obesity more wrinkles skin appearance obviously improved, and at the same time from a variety of plants extracted plant fruit frost in the subcutaneous tissue can form protective film, restrain to subcutaneous fat into the surface layer of fat metabolism increases density, prevent skin flabby full after Reducing Weight, help you Weight Loss Fast. 
To adapt to the people:
Suitable for all kinds of obesity, cellulite, grow grain and body model need to beautify the crowd.
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