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1 box of Qiando Acerola cherry whitening tablet candy

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Qiando Acerola cherry whitening tablet candy:
The Raw materials are extracted from natural plants, its star ingredients contain: West Indian acerola cherry extract, Germany Kaden patent, the efficiently whitening polyphenols extracted from grape and blueberry , Yiyiren powder, collagen peptide. In addition,The scientist add a variety of natural elements and mineral composition antioxidant anthocyanin, VE, β- carrots, calcium, zinc, iron, amino acids, flavonoids. Powerful antioxidant Legion joint operations, not only to resist ultraviolet rays, computer, cell phone radiation damage to the skin, while also quickly remove free radicals, deep detoxification freckle, affect the metabolism of melanin within 12 hours, and reach potent whitening thoroughly huanyan magical effects 28 days later.  
100% safe, healthy nutrition food, suitable for long-term consumption or periodic consumption,Without added hormones, preservatives and any chemical ingredients.
Qiando Acerola cherry whitening tablet candy is suitable for all adult men and women.   
Magic Functions:
1.  Body whitening, free radical scavenging, blocking melanin, skin whitening, glossy;
2. To make the skin delicate, moist, tender;
3.  Effectively dilute the stain and pigmentation.
4. Many health effects: anti-aging, anti-allergic (anti-skin allergies, eczema), hepatoprotective, anti-arthritic, anti-cold and so on.
Usage & Dosage: Buccal or chewing, one tablet each time, two or three times a day, take after meals.
Specification: One large box contain three small boxes, each small box contain 20 tablets. 
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