10 boxes of Left-handed 360 Magic weight loss Tea Stickers

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Left-handed 360 Magic weight loss Tea Stickers: 
Three advantages:
1: Professional: Science and complement in women dissolve enzyme, fundamentally solve the problem of married and unmarried women lose weight body.
2: High efficiency, absorb quickly, the added fat dissolve enzyme in the day, a month 10-20 jins thin.
3: Enrichment: Using the extraction technology of extraction, the leading European ingredients in 
Three Steps: Open hole, blood stasis, reduce the body
1,: Open hole: Through body hole
2: Left-handed magic stick through the navel zero distance to medicine, tea can make the efficacy for waist and abdomen fat layer directly
3: The combination of magnetic double row stasis: Medicine, remove fat root 
Reduce systemic: Fast burning fat, beautiful out of the S curve 
Specifications: 10 patches/box 
Ingredients: Oregano essential oil, Grapes and essential oils, Nutmeg oil, Bergamot essential oil 
Method of use:
1: Remove this thin stick from the raphe bag
2: The transparent film on the surface of the tiles away
3: Do a good job after this, quickly will this post in the clean need thinner parts (after post clockwise massage 50 to 100 times) 
Applicable people:
Obese patients, partial obesity, are not satisfied with their bodies, postpartum out of shape 
Storage methods: Warm prompt:
1: This product is for external use only, skin allergy, wound, eczema, do not use in areas such as the macula.
2: Such as skin feel discomfort, please stop using, to restore to continue to use again.
3: Please use as soon as possible after opening, store in dry and out of the reach of babies.
4: When using, can receive at any time, easy to use, no side effect, can continue to use, until all the ingredients are absorbed on the face is clean. Sealed in shade.
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