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10 boxes of Slim body herbal slimming formula

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Slim body herbal slimming formula: 
This product is chosen from the fruits that have the efficiency of weight reduction and facial beautification, which were generally recognized for hundreds of years and combined with green plants, such as jerusalem artichoke, konjaku and sweet potato etc.And through the purification and concentration with the modern science and technology.This product contains the fruit extracts that help the human body to consume the internal fat. 
Intergrating with the green ingredients, as Mannan fiber(jerusalem artichoke, konjaku extract), sweet potato cellulose, guar gum powder, etc..It can inhibit the appetite,make people feel"the full belly sense", Combining with the weight reduction of the modern international and popular fruit scent, it is the new generation products with modern and safe and non poisonous green weight reduction with fast result. 
Main composition:Wild apricot, garcinia camnogia, apple, kiwi fruit, mannan fiber, konjaku extracts, sweet potato cellulose
Efficient composition and content:Contains the total flavone 200mg per 100g
Health care function:Reduce weight and beautify face
Suitable for :People with simply obesity problems, people with difficult of losing weight, people with rapid fat gain.
Not suitable for :Minors,pregnant women,people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, mellitus and kidney problems
Specification:300mg*30 capsules
Directions:Take 1 capsule per day with warm water half hour before breakfast
Shelf time:36 months
Storage:Store in a cool dry place.  
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