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Emilay Perfect Slimming pills is the super concentrated biological active fat burning factor extracted from multi natural plants to rapidly accelerate the body fat metabolism, burn a large number of heat, prevent the bowel from absorbing the fat in food, improve the ATP activity, decompose glucide, make the glucide impossible to transform into fat and stop the fat deposits once and for all. The test for 2, 400 American clinical users indicated that taking this product could result in quick slimming, over 2.5kg weight loss for 82% of the users to take for 15 days continuously and over 5kg weight loss for 93% of the users to take for 30 days continuously. 
The animal experiments have proved that it controls fat molecule synthesis, transforms the subcutaneous fat deposits into such small molecule structure as fatty acid, glycerol and water and removes it from body by transforming it into the waste through oxidization. The function test has proved that this slimming drug is safe in effect and has no side effect. 
Product Mechanism of Action:
1. Fat Removal: Turns into a protective flim in the intestines and stomach in 2 minutes nd prevents fat absorption in the body.
2. Toxin Removal: The dietary fibre increases intestinal peristalsis and improves constipation.
3. Satiation: Instantly make the stomach swell in 2 minutes and satiates the body.
4. Fat Buring: Help to transform the body fat into heat to replenish physical strength, promotes fat buring and removes it from the body. 
Specification: 60 capsules/bottle.
Ingredients: Vitamin A, Aloe Vera, Carotene, Plant cellulose, Multivitamin and mineral.  
Usage&Dosage: Once a day, two capsule each time. 
Functions: Slimming, blood lipid regulation, toxin removal, skin firming.
Unsuitable Group: Children, pregnant women, and hypertension, diabetes, heart disease&nephropathy sufferers.
Execution Standard: Q/GDCX 586 
Shelf Life: 24 months.
Storage method: Sealed in a cool dry place. 
Attention: The product is not substitute for drug. Not suitable for Children, pregnant women, and hypertension, diabetes, heart disease&nephropathy sufferers.
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