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100% Original Chinese Herbal Slimming Belly Patch: 
Slim patch weight loss patch weight loss supplement, Applied on navel area, the effective herbal weight loss and slimming ingredients are absorbed by the rich capillary vessel of navel area and enter into blood circulation quickly. It can adjust the bodys gland secretion system and endocrine system, control body fat synthesis, and accelerate the decomposition of body fat, is the best weight loss supplement. The active fat burner ingredients can also penetrate skin directly to subcutaneous fat layer to speed up the movement of fat and burn the excess fat, therefore, the miraculous result of slim figure may be achieved steadily. 
Specification:40 PCS/Box
Main ingredients: 
Extract of natural herbal plants. Angelica, cassia seed, atractylodes, poria cocos, the divine comedy, hawthorn, acid-insoluble ash, Radix scutellariae, rhizoma alismatis, plant extract active substances. 
Healthy: The active weight loss and slimming and slim ingredients are extracted from natural fat burner plants and penetrate body at the status of ion. 
Safe: Applied externally, it does no harm to liver and kidney. 
Convenient: The patches are applied before sleeping; It does not affect daily activities, no food prohibition. 
Non-rebound: A two-way regulation, inhibit fat re-synthesis, and accelerate the decomposition of existed fat. Apply for: A variety of obesity.

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