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5 boxes of Lotus leaf tuckahoe capsule

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Lotus leaf tuckahoe capsule: 
This product is the health food made of Cassia seed,lotus leaf,rhizoma alismatis,tuckahoe, semen raphani,fructus aurantii immaturus,starch,magnesium stearate,and is proved to have slimming health function throught the tests of animas function and human trial.
Ingredients: Cassia seed, Lotus leaf,Rhizoma alismatis,Tuckahoe,Semen raphani,Fructus aurantii immaturus,starch magnesium stearate.
Landmark ingredients and content: Per 100mg: total flavone 186mg.Total anthraquinone 161mg.
Health function: slimming
Applicable group: simple obesity group.
Indisposition group:Children,women in pregnancy and lactation,person with Chonic diarrhea.
Usage and dosage: twice a day,3 capsules one time.
Specifications: 400mgx80 capsules.
Shelf life: 24 months.
Storage method: Sealed,away of light,keep in a cool dry place.
Attention: This product is not a substitute for drugs. Stop eating it immediately if you get diarrheas after you drink it.
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