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5 boxes of Simple Slim OB Protein Weight Loss Capsule

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Simple Slim OB Protein Weight Loss Capsule:
New science confirmed, human within exists control obesity of two species material, OB protein leptin and OREXIN obesity factor, normal weight crowd within OB protein leptin and OREXIN obesity factor concentration relative balance, then fat synthesis and metabolism decomposition is normal state, when people body OB protein leptin concentration is less than OREXIN obesity factor concentration, fat synthesis speed speed up, metabolism decomposition speed slow, caused fat stacked, formed obesity. Simple Slim OB protein capsules according to the root cause of obesity, featured many kinds of natural plants, the use of modern bioengineering technology, extraction of human OB protein slimming the same components. Functional testing proved that this product has weight loss benefits. 
Simple Slim OB Protein Diet Pill's Functions:
1. Boost metabolism, facilitate fat burning and decompose fats quickly
2. Restrain the intake of calories and prevent the accumulation of fats
3. Eliminate the toxin out of the body and keep the intestinal tract clear
4. Regulate the endocrine system and make blood circulation function well
5. Help you reduce fat in arms, thighs, belly, waist, buttucks and so on 
Main raw materials: Seaweed powder, chitin, cellulose marine, South of KONJAC extract, vitamine, vitamin c, vitamin PP, B vitamins, zinc, organic iron.
Contents of functional components: Every 100 grams contain OB protein leptin is not less than 1.68 g.
Specification :350mg * 48 PCS/box
suitable crowd : simple obesity
usage : Twice a day, 1 capsule, taken earlier before dinner 
warranty : 24 months
unsuitable crowd: children, pregnant women, patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease. 
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