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The fruit&plant slimming capsule is extracted from green plants such as various fruits and natural spirulina in low temperature under the CO2 supercritical extraction technology and the especial technology as an outcome of years of can auickly decompose human fat,accelerate the metabolism of stubborn fat and inhibit postprandial fat absorption .with the absorption of grease by plant fibers,it can choose to expel fat from the intestinal canal and blood to consume body heat,thereby reducing the size of fat cells and control rebound from the day when you use it!it is a new generation of green and wholesome slimming product.

Main ingredients:  strawberry,cherry,grape,apple,kiwi fruit,garcinia cambogia,morange,aloe,natural spirulina,proanthocyanidins etc.
Functional composition and content:  containing 251mg flavonoids and 7.2g dietary fiber per 100g of the capsule health-care effects:fat-reducing and detoxing
Prohibition: children,pregant women or lactating women should not use it.
Usage and dosage:  use it once a day with one tablet each time(before or after breakfast)


1. those who suffer from lumbo-abdominal obesity or beer belly.
2. those who suffer from postpartum obesity or nutritional obesity.
3. those who eat too much or take in excessive oil per day
4. those who suffer from overnutrition or lack of exercise
5. those who suffer from obesity due to sedentary office work of constant driving
6. those who worry about the side effects of drugs or skin laxity after losing weight
7. those who have tried different slimming methods but with poor effects

Fruit Herbal Plant:
1. It will speed up your metabolism up to many times ..
2. Burn calory Dlm body and increase energy ..
3. Potential effect of fullness and suppress appetite ..
4. Solve stubborn fat deposits in the body of your reply and the result ...
Your body' s going to a new, more healthy, more beautiful, more beautiful and...

How to Use this Slimming?
1.  This medicine can be drunk in the morning ( before or after meals) with warm water.
2.  One capsule just for one day.
3.  When taking this drug, what if you feel thirsty then, drink water or juice .. ( Water min. 10-12 glasses a day) .
4.  Stay Eat Like Ordinary Morning or afternoon because this is important to maintain the health of your body' s metabolism ..
5.  For those who like to consume alcohol, as long as the use of this drug please stopped, because the bias slightly reduce the effectiveness of this Palangsing In burn fat.
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